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Retreat Life is a Canadian based organization.  We have a second home in development in beautiful Nicaragua, where we will expand our services to the local community and to international retreat goers.  At Retreat Life we proudly host, promote and organize retreats, classes, trainings and events.   We partner with yoga studios, schools, individuals and various facilitators to offer enriching experiences for both the host and students. 

We believe that combining local culture and inspiring learning opportunities with like-minded individuals and teachers is the foundation for a successful retreat.  

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 Thai Yoga Massage Training in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Join Lotus Palm from April 22 to May 1, 2016 for Thai Yoga Massage training in beautiful San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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Become a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner 



Enjoy the sun and surf - Get in touch with nature - See the real Nicaragua

Thai Yoga Massage Practioner Program in Nicaragua We invite you to a 10-day retreat training where you'll see the real Nicaragua and experience all that it has to offer.  Nicaragua has vibrant forests, seemingly endless undeveloped beaches, a welcoming warm culture and a year-round warm climate.   Shop at local markets and eat locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Swim or surf at any of the over 15 easily accessible beaches in the San Juan del Sur area, most teeming with fish and surf breaks. But don’t let the surf scare you away, beaches like Playa Marsella are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

While in Nicaragua you'll learn the timeless art of Thai Yoga Massage.  This elite training is taught by the internationally recognized  Lotus Palm Institute of Thai Yoga Massage and Traditional Bodywork.  You'll learn 2-hours of Thai Yoga Massage techniques, and how to give a complete and customized Thai Yoga Massage.   Graduates of the training will acquire the skills needed a to be a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner.  Upon completion of the training graduates will receive a Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage certificate. 

When: April 22 to May 1, 2016
Where:  Playa Marsella, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


What's included:

    • 9 nights of luxury accommodation
    • 3 nutritious meals daily (vegetarian options available)
    • Lotus Palm's Thai Yoga Massage training - six nonconsecutive days of Thai Yoga Massage training
    • RT Airport Shuttle - Pick up and drop-off to and from Augusto C. Sandino International Airport
      • Regular shuttles to and from the town San Juan del Sur
        Available activities and excursions:
        • Horseback Riding ($40)
        • Catamaran Sailing day trip ($75)
        • Surf Lessons ($40)
        • Zip-Line Canopy Tour ($40)
        • Trip To Granada and coffee plantation / volcano tour ($80)
        • Fishing Trip (prices vary)

        NOTE: For this training attendees are required to purchase the training guide: Thai Yoga Massage:  A Dynamic Therapy for Physical Well-being and Spiritual Energy  by Kam Thye Chow.  Available at Amazon and other book stores.


        Nicaragua Thai Yoga Massage

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                  The Details

                  Casa Bahia - Thai Yoga Massage Training in Nicaragua April 22 to May 1, 2016Playa Marsella, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


                  The Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage training is designed for anyone with a desire to better themselves and the lives of others through Metta (the practice of loving-kindness) and healing massage therapeutics.   In learning this invaluable skill you will have an opportunity to grow a prospering career.

                  Who should take the Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage training?

                  • Individuals looking for a prospering full or part-time career
                  • Massage therapists looking to broaden their knowledge and grow their customer base
                  • Yoga teachers looking add to their toolbox of skills.  Thai Yoga Massage teaches you a safe and practical way to give therapeutic assists, and gives you a niche that sets you apart from other teachers and studios
                  • Yogi's, wellness enthusiasts, Personal trainers, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Nurse’s aids, Caregivers or other kind of health practitioners  
                  • Individuals interested in being of service to humanity by  healing others


                  Training Outline - Thai Yoga Massage Module 1 & 2

                  Thai Yoga Massage Module 1 - Prerequisite – Open to All

                  Course content and outline:
                  This 3-day Thai Yoga Massage Module 1 course teaches you a complete 60-minute Massage flow.

                  • Learn to perform a full body 60-minute massage.
                  • Apply the four foundations on Thai Yoga Massage (awareness, body mechanics, movement, and massage techniques using stretches, compressions, reflexology and working with energy).
                  • Effortless transitions between postures
                  • An introduction to contraindications and safety
                  • Care for the client and therapist before, during and after the massage
                  • Learn to use Thai techniques to benefit your Yoga practice and in your asana adjustments


                    Thai Yoga Massage Module 2 - Prerequisite – Thai Yoga Massage Module 1
                    Course content and outline:

                    In this 3-day Module 2 course you will learn an additional 60-minutes of Thai Massage techniques.

                    • 60 additional minutes of massage techniques
                    • Learn side-lying postures
                    • Expanded Thai energy lines
                    • How to customize massages to accommodate common ailments
                    • A new series of the side lying positions.
                    • Learn new Thai techniques to benefit your Yoga practice and your asana adjustments

                    Retreat Training Curriculum

                    • Arrive on April 22:  A shuttle will pick you up at the Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua, and drive you directly to your accommodation at Playa Marsella in San Juan del Sur. 
                    • April 23: Day 1 of Thai Yoga Massage Module 1 starts after breakfast at 8:00AM
                    • April 24:  Day 2 of Thai Yoga Massage Module 1
                    • April 25:  Day 3 of Thai Yoga Massage Module 1
                    • April 26: Day off for optional activities and/ or excursions
                    • April 27: Day 1 of Thai Yoga Massage Module 2 starts after breakfast at 8:00AM
                    • April 28: Day 2 or Thai Yoga Massage Module 2
                    • April 29: Day 3 of Thai Yoga Massage Module 3
                    • April 30: Day off to review and practice what you've leaned.  This day can also be used to participate in one of the many optional activities and/ or excursions (ex. Catamaran Day Trip, Surf Lessons, Trip To Granada and coffee plantation / volcano tour etc.
                    • May 1:  After breakfast guests may either take one of the airport shuttles back to Augusto C. Sandino International Airport, or spend the day in San Juan del Sur.  Shuttles to the airport will be available throughout the day. 

                    * Breakfast will be served between 6:15 and 8:00AM every morning, lunch and leisure time will be between 11:00 and 1:00 daily, and dinner will be served after training every day between 5:15 and 7:00PM.  Evenings are left free for you to practice what you have learned, enjoy the amenities of the hotel retreat grounds, or you may take a complimentary shuttle into town, or participate in an activity


                      After the Training

                      A Certification will be given upon completion of Thai Yoga Massage training Modules 1 & 2 (requirements for documented massages need apply). This Certification will allow individuals who wish to continue with the Lotus Palm program to take level 3 of the Lotus Palm Practitioners Training Program.

                      *Note: There will be a 3-year deadline (starting from the last day of the training) to apply for Lotus Palm's Level 3 course.  No worries though!  You can retake Level 2 a a minimal fee at anytime, or take Bridge Program (3-hour assessment with a LP teacher) in order to be up to date and/or assessed before starting Level 3.

                      This applies only to students who complete both Thai Yoga Massage Modules 1 & 2 at the retreat training in Nicaragua.

                      For more information about the certification process see the Lotus Palm website (opens in a new window)


                      THE VENUE



                      Nicaraguan Yoga Institute Luxury accommodation at Playa Marsella in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

                      The hotel is ocean front hotel in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  Situated behind Marsella Beach where beach goers can go for a swim, or indulge a fun filled day of surf.  Features include a large open rooftop terrace, a catered restaurant and bar and a spectacular swimming pool.

                      Playa Marsella, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


                      The Venue - Thai Yoga Massage Training, Nicaragua April 2016
                       Features & Amenities
                      • Full beach access (Marsella Beach)          
                      • Restaurant and bar/lounge
                      • 3 meals daily
                      • Outdoor pool
                      • Open patio
                      • Ocean view
                      • Linen/ towels
                      • RT Airport Transfers
                      • Private bathrooms
                      • Hot Water
                      • Daily housekeeping
                      • Self-serve laundry
                      • RT Airport Shuttle
                      • Shuttles to and from town
                      • LED TV | Premium TV channels
                      • English/ Spanish/ Swedish speaking staff
                      • WiFi Internet



                      Meet the Teacher

                      Sukha Wong Owner/Director Lotus Palm School

                      Born in Hong Kong, Sukha was raised in a traditional Chinese household where the art of massage was always a big part of her life. Her earliest memories of practicing massage on her mother holds a very special place in her heart. Meaningful memories of food, dragon dances, fireworks and many celebrations and customs still remain close to her heart. She believes that being selfless and dedicating her love to her mom helped her realize her calling. Her mom was truly her inspiration.

                      Raised in Montreal, Canada in a multicultural society, her east meets west upbringing truly brought a special balance to her work and has had many influences in her teachings. The understanding and link between different cultures helps to enrich her personally and professionally. Her extensive travels and studies internationally has given her the opportunity to expand and offer new and exciting workshops at the Lotus Palm.

                      As a martial artist (she is 3rd dan black belt in TaeKwonDo) she brings both decipline and body awareness to her teachings.

                      In 2011 she became owner of the Lotus Palm School and continues to spread and expand the beautiful healing art form of Thai Yoga Massage.

                      With the early years of Lotus Palm, she recognizes and thanks the people who got us here in the first place. She expresses her heartfelt admiration and appreciation for Kam Thye. It is an honor for her to continue and evolve the Lotus Palm legacy that he created.

                      Sukha is dedicated to the relaxing and spiritually nourishing art of Thai Yoga. As a certified massage therapist and instructor, she develops courses and applies a holistic life science and life strategy approach that enables her students reach their full potential. She believes Thai Yoga Massage is a deep and meaningful philosophy that washes away the stresses and strains of everyday living.

                      Sukha’s ongoing commitment to the integration of body and spirit compels her to inspire others through her teachings. She brings a friendly sense of balance and inner peace to stretching, compressing and energy work.